Monday, July 8, 2013


This quilt block is the 7th block in a BOM series by Dorothy Young. 
You can view my first rendition of the block in the following blog:
While working on the block, which I interpreted different than the example Dorothy gave us.  It made me wonder if there were other ways.  Using the same color families and the same pieces, I changed the look of the block. 
If several of this block were connected together you would see a woven ribbons effect, especially if you used the same 
fabrics in the same position. 
This block would give a cathedral windows effect if each quadrant's center background square was enlarged
This block would give a totally different woven effect
with a wider reveal. 
The following block would give your quilt a spinning star effect.
I know there are other ways this block can be manipulated.
 Changing the outside frames to be the same colors as the star points would make another look. 
Taking the 4 inside background squares and making them the same color families as the star points and then using back ground fabric for the framers will give you floating tulips (4 of them).  Having each quadrant a different color would make the definition of the pattern more intense.
Hope you are having fun with your blocks and finding inspiration at your finger tips.  If you haven't started the trip yet join us in this 2 year journey. Find inspiration to make glorious creations.
Join us in this 2 year journey. There are several hundred friends taking the trip
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