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BLOCK OF THE MONTH: B is for Basketweave

A twenty-six month Journey
Dorothy Young, owner, of the yahoo group "A Pocketful of Mysteries"
 is presenting her Block of the Month quilt series. It began in January 2013
and will continue for the next two years.
The yahoo site for this is:

The appeal of this BOM was using my stash and having something to motivate me to sew.  When I wrote about the BOM, I commented I was worried I would stick to it for the twenty-six months. I will admit having a swap partner is going to help my stick-to-it-tive-ness.
At the end of the twenty-six months we will have a quilt from each other.

For the blocks I will be using two fabrics which will be constants.
They add continuity to a quilt. I will use other fabrics as required.  
When extra fabrics are required I am going to try to use other paisley.  My stash seems to have accumulated lots of them. 

This month is the Basketweave block. 
It only required two fabrics.  Which are the constants.  When I finished the block I realized how nice my fabrics really did look together.  I have had my stacks of paisley where I can see them all the time.  I was beginning to doubt my choices for this project.  

This is the block I made for myself:

 I photoed Block "A" tacked next to "B".  
I am pleased how nice they play together.  

My friend's fabrics are civil war fabrics. 
These are her constant fabrics:
I am going to try to use all civil war fabrics. 
In block "A" I used a fabric Not CW.

This is the block I made for her:

I like how this pattern highlights the fabrics chosen for the series.

While working on this block I saw a pattern possibility develop.
 Make the block using the light sections in the corners and center.  
Then alternate the dark block with the light block and you will form rows of "H".  If your name begins with an "H" you will have made yourself a "Monogram Quilt"

I am still keeping the journal when I work on each block.
Now I am waiting for March...After seeing the pairing of my first two blocks, the waiting is going to be agonizing.

I received my swap partner's block February 8.  I was so excited to get it.  I had been wondering what bright and colorful interpretation of the Basketweave Block she made us.  I was not disappointed.  Here is her block:
Here are her blocks paired:
I thought it was hard waiting after the first month of the alpahbet.  No matter how busy I've been, I am very anxiously awaiting the beginning of each month!  Each month the wait seems interminable.
This journey with blocks is taking me on journeys through the corridors of my mind.
While on this journey I have been making enumerable trips to the stash seeking hidden paisleys.  I am on a quest to eradicate them from my stash.  Some of them are not even close to having a relationship to my chosen constants.  Recently I made a sample block shown in this blog:
Using these colors and it has now grown into three blocks.  The third block is here:
 I will be playing catch-up making more blocks which are related in color scheme. 
This is the new block:
 While you're on a quilting journey of any kind, please think about possibly reducing your stash and making a quilt top to send to the "Quilt of Valor" group in your area .
  Join us in this 2 year journey. There are several hundred friends taking the trip
The following, are blogs written each month on my journey through the alphabet.
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A mystery quilt designed with the novice in mind
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