Saturday, February 16, 2013


Not stitched, just laid out to view .

This has certainly been a rough ride for me I've hit lots of bumps in the road.  The first hurdle to jump over was a trip to Florida to see the grands.  It was a wonderful time, but it was at the time Bonnie was handing out the summons for ticket number 7 and number 8.   I "sew" didn't want to get behind because I know how I am.  I did not want this mystery to become  UFO. 
Since then it seems every time I sit down to sew something gets in the way.  The last two weeks it has been our garden.  Yes, even thought it is frigid out we are almost over whelmed with garden activities.  The following two blogs are what I've been doing:
Today I rebelled and went downstairs to sew.  I was determined to finish all the parts needed to take my trip to "Easy Street".
The following is my blog about step one.
 It shows the fabrics I used in the mystery.
My only dilemma I have now is to decide on how to lay it out and finding the time to sew it together.

It's looking forward to machine time to at least finish this top.
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JoJo in MN said...

Nice soft colors. Very soothing.

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Your colors are great! Such a soothing and comforting color way-looks like a hug waiting for a place to happen! Pat yourself on the back-you did a great job!

Vic in NH said...

We still have two feet of snow on the ground and it's snowing again today in NH, so I'm amazed that you are gardening! Good for you to keep plugging away on Easy Street, it looks beautiful!

Sheepish said...

Vic, Thank you, and yes we are the house... I raise almost all my plants...we have been organic for 50 years (not certified..but BTW We are due for an ice storm on Thursday.

Thank you Bev and Jojo, Everyones' quilts are turning out so beautiful and vibrant, I was worried my color selections would leave mine with no personality.

Anonymous said...

I like your colors very much. So soft like sherbet with chocolate bits.

Janice said...

Ohhh I like it. It looks like the softer side of the Easy Street. Like early spring when grounds been plowed but maybe a light frost but hint of green showing up in the trees. See isn't everything so pretty and soft and new?! And yes so is your quilt!

Janice S in Joelton TN

lisa0116 said...

Glo, My husband just said yours looks like something you would see in a Cathedral. It's ornate and elegant looking! Great job! I have to totally agree with him. Sew it up and be proud of it. I am doing mine the 34th street way instead of on point. My one block looks like crosses instead of x's by doing it that way. Lay yours out the other way and take a picture and see what you think.
Lisa in Georgia

Unknown said...

I love your colors. I never am brave enough to change them. This will be spectacular! My Easy Street is still in pieces.