Thursday, February 23, 2012


A friend emailed she was going to make a quilt using the "Warm Wishes" pattern.  She commented how each quilt looks ,different according to what fabric you use. 

Warm Wishes is a fall back pattern  for me when I need a quilt quick.

I love you can feature  specialty fabrics because  the pattern frames the blocks, unless you choose wrong in the framing fabrics.  The Quilt on the left is an example of my poor choice.  Or was it a poor choice?  I didn't notice till the quilt was going together that the large black strip in the middle destroyed the framing.  I had thought I did great framing the blocks with green.  When I finished and looked at the quilt I realized the black hadn't taken the roll of background behind the framed blocks.

I added the yellow in the border to draw the eye away from what I considered a mistake in my design

The quilt on the right is the first warm wishes quilt I made.  It was for my grandson.  The fabric is fireman fabric. I used what I had in the stash to make.  To add a little personality to it I pieced the ladders in the border, repeating the ladders in the fabric. 

You can see the definite framing of the blocks in this quilt.

In the following blog I wrote about the pattern you  can see how what you choose to use for the rails effects the outcome.

This quilt is the fist time I ever pieced with flannel.  I used what fabrics I had.  I let the yardage of the fabric dictate where they would be used.  (You'll also note on the right hand side there is not a finish framing.  I wanted to use all the blocks I made and this was what came of it.

I have used the pattern to make a small commemorative quilt.

This is my grandaughters quilt.  I found when you use a color in the narrower sash that is in the background of the block it tends to melt into the quilt loosing the framing look.

Left is the most recent quilt I made witth this pattern.  It is flannel, made for a young lady who loves purple.   This is another quilt I let the yardage dictate where I used what.  I wanted to clear the stash of the pink flannel.

I have made other Warm Wishes Quilts and not taken their pictures (they were picture worthy but camera wasn't handy before they were gifted). 

Please try this pattern in flannel.  The quilt is very soft and warm.   I recommend this pattern to a novice piecer (don't forget to pre-wash your flannel in hot water to shrink and tighten the weave.)  The use of a walking foot is highly recommended when using flannel.

A Warm Wishes Quilt,
made with love, being loved.

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June D said...

Wonderful to see how the fabric make the impression of the design change. Thanks for the show!