Monday, February 20, 2012


When Barbie decides she is getting married her dress will have to be sophisticated, romantic, and very feminine.  It won't be a short modern one, or something with so much lace she would feel like Queen Victoria.  I have designed a dress for a demure sweet Barbie. 

Every bride's ensemble begins with how she feels.  She wants lingerie which is too special to use for any other occasion.  She wants to feel special from the inside out. 

The slip doesn't need to be mundane.  We have "something blue" in the ribbon lace around the hem.   The lace in the slip is from her grandmother's wedding dress. The dress was too small to alter to wear.  She wanted to use  the lace some way in her dress.
Matching panties with a blue ribbon garter complete the lingerie ensemble.  Barbie's dress has a self bra in it so she doesn't need a separate bra.

Her veil needs to be something she will feel Queen for the day wearing.  It needs to envelope her giving her a mysterious feel and illusion.  It needs to say, "She's special", to anyone viewing her.  To give her veil a special meaning her head piece was made with a broken strand of pearls from her grandmother. the extra pearls were strewn over the rest of the veil.

Some of the pearls were incorporated into her bouquet.  White Roses remind her of the climbing rose bush in her grandmothers garden.

Barbie's dress is simple.  She chose ice white satin to highlight the use of the lace from her grandmother's dress.  She used the pearls from gram's necklace on her bodice.  Barbie is well endowed but she doesn't flaunt it.  She needs a dress that acknowledges that fact with out distorting or putting on display the feature. 

Barbie has taken time to put on her dress.  The back is very plain because she has beautiful wavy tresses which will be covering it up.  The lace from Grams dress is tastefully used around the base of the gown.

Barbie's Gram is not able to attend the ceremony but she will be there walking down the isle with Barbie.

Barbies clothes were made from a discarded wedding dress and a broken string of pearls..

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