Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sewing for the grands for me was limited to quilts, or so I thought.  I never seemed to pick the correct style, size, or color when I decided to make wearing apparel for the kids.  A couple of years ago the kids came for a visit over Thanksgiving (they live in Florida).  I knew they didn't have PJs for cold weather.  I told my daughter not to pack any sleeping clothes, I would have them here for the kids.  It was a good decision.  It decided to snow the day after they arrived.

This is the gown I made for the grandaughter.  I also made the matching pillow slips and a shaggy Quilt for her bed (we put a mattress on the carpet when they are here).

This is the grandson's Jammie's, pillowcases and matching shaggy.  The packages on the bed are gifts for the first night here.

Here they are dressed and ready for bed.  I was so glad they fit.  I had to guess at their sizes.

Jammies are fun and easy to make.  Something the kids enjoy.  Try your hand at a pair.  Remember to flat fell the seams.  Makes them more comfortable because they don't have raveling seams itching them.

In the following blog you will find a tutorial on flat felled seams.

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