Monday, March 15, 2010


Working on the Swim suits during the olympics was a breeze.  Made the time go faster.  We also recorded them so we didn't have to endure the commercials.  I decided to make twelve of them instead of the nine I originally planned.  I was glad I did when a week later I placed them on the floor to see if  I would want to sash them or not.  Whoops, right before my eyes I see a glaring mistake.  I appliqued two of the same suits on different fabric.  I must really like that fabric, LOL.  Looking at them I decided to make a pillow with 3 of them    The following pictures show the probable lay out.

I will be sashing the pillow.  I found in my stash some small pebble like fabric that may work.  It is only a fat quarter.  I might use a tiny border with it and then a large border which looks like water surrounding it.  I want to applique my granddaughter's name on the bottom border and her birth date on the top border.  The reason I really wanted a wide border of sand is I wanted to applique some flipflops on the sand.  I will keep looking for good sand.  I have till August to finish this.  I also ask my Dd to send a copy of her foot prints when she was born.  I thought I would enlarge it and place it in a corner block on the wall hanging.

I want use only Stash fabrics if I can.  I have so much fabric it is unconcienable to buy more in this economy.  the following picture is a possible layout for the pillow. 

These are all twleve of the suits.  Grandaughter will be 8 in August and she is as crazy for swim suits as she was at 18 months.