Wednesday, July 18, 2018


It's been quite a long time since I have made a post to my blog, much less a creative one. Right now I am stuck using what I have at hand.  Scraps, recycled items , fabric which was already upstairs.  I am unable to get to my stash.  Actually it has been a blessing.  I have learned use the fullest extent...make do with what you have.  (I had 3 quilt tops evolve from a box of scraps).

Last week the buzz on FB was about having sisters, celebrating  being sisters.  My sisters and I are spread all over the United states.  I am mid west, I have one in the great lakes, and one in Florida and one in the Rockies.  We have totally different lifestyles but underneath we are all the same.  We are creative talented people with compassion for everyone.  How do I say it? it needs more than a phone call?  Phone calls are menial things.  Recycle/re-use to the rescue.

I am a saver.  I save things I think will be useful in creating something else. I save things like the bag from 50 lbs of onions.  Why?  Because when we commercial garden it was a reuse for the garden.  Now the bag is clean because I put the collected dryer sheets in it and washed them twice and hung them in the sun to dry, getting rid of that disgusting dryer sheet fake perfume.  (I'm all about zero chemical smells.)

I buy items because the container appeals to me...the contents have to be needed too, but I bought that variety because of the container!

Today I put some of my saves to use:

Dryer sheets
netting from an avocado bag.  
fabric from a pair of my old painter jeans which I milked goats in
from the 70's pieces of fabric too small to even save.  
The last of a polka dotted fabric from the 40's.  
clipped fishes out of junk fabric 
Glue stick so I didn't have pins in the way...
The sewing machine and any old thread...this isn't a love it for two life times project.

If I'd Given it more thought I would have used some of those color catchers in the project.  Remember this is a fl by the seat of your pants project..just doing not planning.

The following are the cards I made to send to my sisters to remind them they are not out of my thoughts no matter how far away they are...and for a full day they were the only thoughts I had on my mind.

This sister was born a star.  She plays the piano and sings, is an Actress and is very active in leading her community through the music world.  This is her card,  constructed of scraps on the dryer sheet.  she has the 40's fabric.

Her matching card:

This sister is into fish and seaside.  Evidently she really likes Nemo too.  This one is also constructed with dryers sheets.  Nemo used a dryer sheet so I didn't have to needle turn applique.  Sewed it on and turned him out and stitched him down.  The "seaweed" like growths are 3D.  You can see the avocado net 
ready to snare "Nemo" if he gets careless.  Here is the envy to send it to its destination.


The white fabric is the old painters jeans from the 70's using the scraps I had to frame it and make and Israeli flag

Luckily in the back of the drawer I had a blue sharpie.  I never use blue...but sure glad it was there.  

The envy isn't fancy, but it was fun thinking and creating mementoes for my sisters. They may or may not keep them, but they will know this day when the internet was abuzz with sisterly stuff, they were on my mind, I was wishing we could sit down together  and enjoy the laughter which goes with being sisters.

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