Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I needed a wedding gift in a hurry.  My sister's daughter decided she wanted to be married.   I knew I didn't physically have time to plan and piece a quilt.  Especially one that would be memorable to them. It was to the fabric closet to see what I had to work with.  There was the box with my birthday swaps in it.  The blocks were made and they already had memories attached.  Yes, not the couples memories, but memories I could use to make the quilt meaningful.

If you click on the picture above, it will enlarge it, then if you click on the enlargement it will show detail.  You can even see the different white fabrics.
 I participated in a Birthday block swap.  The people joining me were Internet friends I had known for at least ten years.  We had never physically met.  

There was a central hostess who received fabrics from each participant.  Each person sent (12) 1/4 yard pieces of her fabric and a SASE with the postage it had cost her to mail the fabrics.  The hostess swapped them into each participant's envelope.

We had a database in our yahoo group where we placed the guidelines we wanted used for our fabrics.  Things like; did you want a specific background. 

My guidelines were: 

No Red, there was a red flower in the fabric and I am not a red lover.  I didn't want to put emphasis that color.  You will notice someone used red in their block.  See how a minuscule amount made the red flowers show up.  The reds in the squares were nescessary to tie the red in the one block in.  When I audtioned fabrics and didn't use any red in the squares.  The red in the block stuck out like a sore thumb.

No iron on applique, I got an iron-on block.  You can't see it because I took the block apart adding white on white squares in the appliques place.  It was a nice block except for the iron on hearts.  It was a four patch block.  It's the second block from the left on the second row. 

I mentioned they could use all the purple they wanted.  
What would I change if I had a do over?  I wish I had stated a color for the back ground.  Though I do love the varieties of backgrounds.  I wish I had put names on the blocks.  So much time elapsed before I started assembling them, I could not remember who did what.  It has been least seven years, maybe longer.
Swapping focus fabric added continuity to the quilt you wouldn't normally have in a block swap.  I had no idea when I received them what they would look like.  When I did get them I had no idea what to do with them.  It's seems pressure is the mother of invention.  I needed a wedding quilt quick.  I have a question,  does this quilt constitute re-gifting? LOL.

In constructing this quilt I decided  to use White on White background.  It would make the blocks with similar background to melt into it.  I planned to use the solid background blocks on the corners.  Sashing, the only thing I wish I had done was sashed with 4 inch sash not 3.  I used the colored squares to tie in the colors in the blocks.  Hoping to give the appearance of a quilt planned from its beginning. The dark purple border has several of the purples contained in the blocks.  If I had had more fabric I would have put a wider border, every inch was used.  I didn't have the luxury of buying fabric because of the time constraints.  It forced me to shop the fabric closet which is a very good thing. 

This quilt was a true Stash buster.  The original swap fabric was from stash (one of the rules of the swap).  any of the fabrics I used to complete the quilt were from my stash;  the batting, the backing, and binding included.

A big suggestion for when you do a swap.  When you have asked for fabrics to be pre-washed, don't trust they were.  I have found a product on the market I love.  It is "Shout Color Catchers".  If you have a suspect quilt, use at 4 in the wash.  Even if they come out white do not reuse them in another wash.  I used four on this one and wish I had used 5. I had one block that ran onto the white.  It isn't real obvious and didn't show till the quilt was dried. 

I make all my own cards.  I never can find a card which says what I want it too. The time I spent picking it out I could have made several, not to mention the gas wasted getting to the store.

I usually make a 6" X9" card.   Years ago I traced this out of a book/mag, which one, I don't remember.  It was maybe 30 years ago.  I used colored pencils to color this card. The roses I made yellow with orange tips.  I've used water colors and markers before.   Under the roses I put the couple's  names in fancy script.
Inside, the card reads:

You are starting on an incredible journey though life.  There will be bumps and bruises, rewards and dreams fulfilled. You will accomplish much together you wouldn’t have done alone.

Listen to each other, hearing the unspoken words.  Support each other’s endeavors.  Remember this is your best friend.

May this quilt cover you with warmth and love.  It is a union of twelve Internet quilter’s blocks.  They were made for me for my birthday using fabric I sent to them.  They chose the accompanying fabrics and the block designs, designing a block for me.

These blocks were joined together with you in mind.  I thought they represented you joining your lives, bringing the love surrounding you together.

I hope I have inspired you to use your stash and participate in swaps. 
Good things arrive in small packages

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I haven't done much creating lately.  I am letting mother nature do it.  Our topsy turvy spring is producing some gorgeous wild flowers on our farm.  When I do chores I carry my camera with me. 
 I have posted the pictures of these in my Garden Blog:

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The two dandelion pictures were taken April 12 at 6 PM.

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