Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I don't know if there is a season for wedding gifts, around my house they are in season all the time.  I suppose it comes with the territory.  That territory being a large family.  I am the oldest of 6 siblings; 4 girls and 2 boys.  My youngest sister has had one wedding recently.  The following is the blog about that quilt:

Then we found out there is to be a wedding, The last of October.  I drove to Denver last week to deliver a quilt for them, just in case I couldn't go in October.  The following is about that quilt:

My husband's family has surprised us with a Wedding in Vegas.  The couple, of course, has their registries.  I don't know the wife well. I went to the registries to find her colors.  I had thought I would make her a set of place mats and napkins for her kitchen.  I saw something I knew would be one of a kind and she wouldn't be able to buy it anywhere.  She had chosen  the Lenox Botanical Boutique collection.  There is a platter in the group (the following is a pix of it)
Lenox Botanical Boutique Platter
This picture came from site.

I copied the picture, enlarged it until it was approximately the size of the actual platter (I had to go to 350%).  Then I traced it onto white paper.  I had decided to make a table runner which could be used under the vases and platters.  The following is the plan, but I still had to deside how to execute it.

I had thought I would probably applique.
 My applique skills are on the good side (I don't do iron on applique).  But as I looked at the patterns on the paper I thought , "This has to be done by September 11th."  No Way, popped into my head. 
I re-looked at the googled images and noticed they seemed to have variegated colors.
I am hoping this is not a camera reflection.
I decided to execute the designs in embroidery.  My Needlework skills are so-so, but I figured I could do acceptable on at least one stitch.  I tried a back stitch and it looked terrible.  I pulled out all the stitches and tried a split stitch.  It looked worse.  Then I tried a stem stitch.  It looked nice.  While I've been doing it I have developed a rhythm which may not be the correct stitch but it is working for me.

Pencil used in tracing the pattern onto the fabric.

 I used a quilt marking pencil  in blue to draw the pattern on the fabric. 
The fabric is a white on white that has an extremely small design on it. 
It gives it the look that is frosted (the glass on the items is frosted crystal). 

I am tracing off one section at a time.  I have finished one section and am on the second section. 
I started on opposite corners.  I don't know if I want all four sections I have planned.

Hooped section I am working on.

Finished section unpressed, because I don't want to press in any dirt that might be on it.

As you can see I have chosen 6 skeins.  Each one with an "olive" edge to it.  These are DMC floss.  They are current.  I just purchased them on the 29th.

I can't tell you what size needle I am using.  I pulled it out of the pin cushion and used it.  I picked it because it has an eye, just big enough to get two strands of thread through with a needle threader and it had a great point.

I have not planned borders or any other finishing.  I do have a batik downstairs with the correct colors.  Right now I think I will only do the two patterns on opposite corners.  I don't want it to be too busy to set the items on (when I finish the second pattern I will make a decision if it needs more designs).

Thank you for visiting.  I love sharing my projects.  All writings, patterns, and pictures are mine.  Please ask permision before using.  (Credit is given for items not my own)

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Els said...

Wowsers, Glo, that is absolutely gorgeous!! Lucky recipients!!

Terri - Ossineke, MI said...

I think it will look just lovely my dear. If the bride doesn't appreciate it, then I know someone who will! ~2*