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14" X 37"

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This project was an eye opener (lesson) for me.  I've never embroidered a table runner before and when it came time to add borders, I added and ripped 3 versions.  I should have taken pictures to show you, but at the time I was upset my ideas didn't work (on paper they looked good but when applied they looked tacky).  It was the same when I planned the embroidery.  I had planned four design sections (see the blog "Wedding Gift Season"), and was glad I completed one section on each corner first.  The extra sections would have made it too cluttered.  I didn't want to compete with the platters or the vase she might be using on it.

I have only Quilted on my regular sewing machine once and never quilted by hand.  I did both here.

These pictures are of the two embroidered units on the quilt:
                          LEFT UNIT                  RIGHT UNIT

I don't know if you can see it but I tried my hand at hand quilting.  I outlined the two units.  I started with a hoop and two thimbles.  I used the plastic ones that are fitted to the fingers.  I used one on the under finger and one on the right middle finger.  I moved them around to other fingers during the experimental stage.  I was very interested in learning to do this because I want to hand quilt the huge "Treasured Time" quilt.  It can be seen in the following blog.  I have attached all but one border which is pinned on awaiting me to sew it on.

New pics will be available as soon as the border is attached.  I don't know if I will be up to the task of hand quilting it but I know it is too fragile to put on the quilt machine.  I know from doing this little bit I need a teacher or a good book.   Another lesson I learned from the small project is I will have to have the quilt on rails.  It is too much to handle in my lap. 

I had to discard the hoop when I was half way through one of the units.  It was very uncomfortable for me to use.  and then I discarded the right hand thimble.  I was more comfortable using my finger nails to push and control the needle.  I did give it the "ole college try".  but I do need help. 
I marked the runner with the blue pencil and quilted on the machine.  I didn't mention I thread basted the runner every four inches both ways.  I wish I had done it every two inches.  It seemed there was too much play in the fabrics and batting.  I used the even feed quilting foot which came with my Janome machine.  I had tried  to use the quilting bar once and was very disappointed in my consistency with it.  I knew if I measured and marked it would be even.

I was very glad I had not pre-washed the fabric before I embroidered on it.  I didn't pre-wash the backing or the batting either (the backing is the same fabric as the front).   I used Hobbs 20/80.  They did shrink up giving the runner an old item, with a soft feel and look.

On the back I didn't put a lable.  I just embroidered my name into the backing.  I did not want to personalize the runner till I find out if they like it and want to keep it.  If they do then I will take it home and put their names and date on it.

Every gift needs a card to accompany it.   I used the embroidery pattern to design the card.  It is printed on card stock and colored in with colored pencils.  The size is 6 X 9 inches.

For the inside I printed a piece of onion skin with design and line drew the colors.  Inside I wrote care instructions with the fabric contents of the runner.

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