Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I don't sit and watch the clock, but I hate things which steal time.  I have been known waste time.  I would rather steal time when I choose, doing what I like and maybe it is nothing, someone might say I am wasting time.  It is not the same as having time stolen from you.  This week we have had time stolen from us twice.  We watched two movies which had no redeeming values at the end and both were very depressing.
I used to hand piece when I sat and watched TV.  The last week I haven't been able to do that (in fact for several months I haven't done that).  I totally wanted to vegetate.  During previous Television/riding in cars/sitting in doctors offices, I salvaged my lost time by piecing the following quilt top.
In the blog I said I would probably start another "Time Treasured" Quilt.  I did!  I worked on it for a while and then when traveling and family visiting started, I put it away.  On the second bad movie I pulled it out.  I am so glad I did.  I had forgotten how relaxing it was.  I have completed  eight sections of the 10 in a long row.  This is the quilt as it is now without the work I did last night.  I made some changes in it's construction.  The squares are rectangles are 5 inches not 4 1/2. Why the change?  Because I have a zillion 5 inch charms.  I'm not  being particular that there are to be no repeats in the fabrics. 
I hope you decide to treasure your time with a hand pieced treasure.  When I look at the other one I am incredulous that I made it.  Then I remember the hours I rescued piecing it.  this New version is giving me the same satisfaction.  It also brings to mind the treasured memory of the friend I met on the Internet who introduced me to hand piecing. 
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