Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Another "Glorious" Quilt.
This quilt is my design, technically. But in reality the seed for it was planted by my son. He was an avid "Dungeons and Dragons" game player when he was growing up. 
There was a challenge through my guild.  We had been swapping and collecting 5 inch "nickles" for 3 years.  Pat Spathe had recently spoke at our guild and I was fortunate to attend her class.
After she left it was announced we would have a guild challenge to use the 5 inch nickles we had been saving.  The above quilt top was my entry.  I struggled to find something to make with the nickles.  I was in the basement and noticed the tape had deteriorated on a box and it was open.  I hadn't remembered what was in it, I took a peek.  It was our son's game paraphernalia, on top was a map he was making on graph paper.  I exclaimed, "Oh my, it's a quilt pattern.  It will work perfectly for the challenge."
I immediately started planning it.  None of the color pieces are repeats.  The whites, I have over 50.  I set about cutting and stitching my samples.  I also pieced every white block. 
If you look on the right side of the above quilt pinned on the quilt rail is the copy of the map he made.
This is one of the White blocks.
This quilt was a stash buster.  There were no fabrics purchased.  It was made for a challenge but it wasn't a challenge to make.  The challenge now will be to find borders to compliment it and not so huge I can't fit it on the quilt machine.
(it's already is hanging from the deck rail)
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maggie said...

Beautiful quilt Gloria,
Well done,
I think I'd use a white border to frame it.
love maggie

jagarland said...

Last year Pat Speth cam out with a new book, "Nickel Quilts and Borders". I get a lot of good ideas from it.
anyway, since you have 9 patches in the blocks, how about a small nine patch with the colors as the 5 patch and the white/cream as the 4 patch and then put them on an angle with setting triangles in and outside the nine patches going around the quilt top.
too much work? it might look nice.

Sheepish said...

Not too much work...too much area...the quilt is already so big it will barely work on my 12 ft table. I only have room for maybe 3 inches on each side.

Anonymous said...

Nice design. I like it! Just put a plain white border on it, about 3 inches wide. The colored blocks will look like they are floating on top of it. I though about a plain black border, but that would take away from the colors next to it. Or maybe a small white border, then a black one.

Whatever you do, it will be a great quilt. Anne

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful! I love it.