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I'm current with my blocks and it's 14 months into the project.  I can't believe I have not let life get in the way.  I will admit I was delinquent in December and January.  I have found having a partner does help keep me on track.  She is counting on receiving her blocks.   I look forward to having the couple of hours once a month where I have to sit down to the machine.
BTW, the blocks don't take a couple of hours.  It takes me that long because I am making 3 versions of the blocks.  It can be a punishment for me if I don't fulfill my obligation each month.  I have to play catch-up big time.
I especially enjoyed making the New York Star.  It is a very appropriate block for me.  Our son is in the Navy.  I don't know if it was designed during a war period, or maybe during a Forth of July celebration, but for me it evokes a patriotic image.
I was especially pleased to see how it showcases the paisleys I picked for myself.  If you haven't read about my constants I will say they are my least favorite fabrics.  Mind you I have seen paisleys I dearly love but these were from the "dark ages".  I collected them from who knows where.  The only thing they had in common besides the paisley pattern is they were all 100% cottons. 
I can see this block as corner stones for a Quilt of Valor quilt.  
You would put the star in opposite corners on the block for each of your quilt's corners.
The pattern would make a great table runner.  Or change the dimensions and you've a place mat.
I was equally pleased with how the block pattern looked with my friends color palette.  I think this block pattern would go with any colors or styles of fabrics.
I'm really liking the fabrics I picked for my friend.   I can't wait to see them all together in a quilt.  
Doing the Block of the month has given me new inspiration.  I find myself thinking about how I would use each of the blocks, and with what fabrics they would look best in. 
The only reason I started the block of the month was to get rid of the paisleys in my stash.  The different block patterns make me have to use the paisleys to their best advantage.  I have made a rule for myself  to try not to use any other fabrics in the construction of the blocks.   I have a transgression from the beginning on my blue/burgundy paisleys.  The red I chose for a third color was the perfect red and I didn't have any red paisley that worked.
This is my alternate rendition with another color way in paisleys.  I didn't decide till later in the trip to make these.  My decision was made when I realized I could  not integrate these colors with the other paisleys.  It would be too scrappy for my tastes. 
Which is another side of me.  If I do scrappy it has to be controlled scrappy.  I can't reach into a paper bag of dark fabrics and pull out a piece of fabric and then reach into another a light bag of fabrics and pull out another fabric and sew them together.  If the colors seem to clash I have to throw them back.  Yes, I have been told that in the end everything will look fabulous.  I agree, every scrap quilt I have seen is fabulous.  It's just I can't do it.
This is about as scrappy as I have gotten:
This alphabet BOM is a twenty-six month Trip with
Dorothy Young, owner, of the yahoo group "A Pocketful of Mysteries".
This Block of the Month quilt series began in January 2013, and will continue for the next two years.

The yahoo site for this trip is:
I have found the construction of the blocks simple. 
I recommend you start with the first block if you are a beginner. 
There are simple techniques you will pick up on the journey.
I need to go back and make the first 6 blocks for the blue/green paisley color series. 
I am saving that duty for a snowed in day.  Missouri seems to be getting her fill of those this year.

Join us in this 2 year journey. There are several hundred friends taking the trip
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