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A twenty-six month Journey
Dorothy Young, owner, of the yahoo group "A Pocketful of Mysteries" is presenting her Block of the Month quilt series. It began in January 2013, and will continue for the next two years.
The yahoo site for this is:
It is not too late to join in. This block and the other six are at the beginners level. 
So far I have found the construction of the blocks very simple.  I do recommend you start with the first block if you are a beginner.  There are simple techniques you will pick up on the journey. 
This is my Glory Boxes Block.  It is a very appropriate block for me this month.  I have a son who is in the Navy for the last 26 years.  His favorite holiday since he was a toddler has been the 4th of July. 
My name is Gloria and I am called Glo by my friends. Hence, the play on words which is the name of this blog site, "Glorious Creation". 
I took some poetic license with this block.  I saw the essence of the Double friendship star in the design.  Evidently the block lends itself well to different interpretations.   I used the standard 3 fabrics I have been using throughout the BOM (the first BOM in the series has the photos of the control fabrics I will use for the next two years).  This time I added a new paisley to the mix (the brighter blue).
BTW, I was not intentionally making a red white and blue quilt.  It is just turning out that way.  As you can see the main two paisley fabrics have several colors I can choose from. 

The  following block is made by Dorothy, owner of "A Pocketful of Mysteries".  This was the example she made for us.  You can see the possibilities, different colors in different spaces  will make in the block's design.
In this journey through the Alphabet I am taking a friend along for the ride.  She is also making blocks for me.   This is the block I have made for her.
I used the same fabric positions as I did for my block.  I am wishing I had tried another layout.  I may have to take a moment out and make a totally different color way and layout.  I am enjoying this BOM.  I couldn't wait to drive home on the fourth of July from my trip to Denver to work on this block.  I made them up on the afternoon of the 5th.  As always Dorothy's concise directions led to fast construction.
I have a hint.  On constructing each of the quadrants use a slight quarter inch and when you join the quadrants use a correct quarter inch.  Your block will end up an exact 9.5 inches.

 Join us in this 2 year journey. There are several hundred friends taking the tripThe following, are the blogs written each month on my journey through the alphabet.

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