Tuesday, July 16, 2013


"Glory Boxes" is a fascinating block.  On my other blogs about the block I explored the different looks.  I used fabric I didn't care for in my explorations.  I didn't expect to be using them for anything.  I never intended them to become anything but UFOs.
The following blogs are about this block:
Above you see the transition of one of the blocks.  I recently decided to do a "Roosting Robin" on one of my online groups.  Also my guild is hosting a year long, "Do your own thing".   It's where you work on a project and each month show the completed "block", at the end of the year you are to present a finished quilt.  I feel this will fit the bill.  I realize it will be taking the blocks out of the UFO status and placing them in the active list.  
The "Blooming Glory box was framed with 3 1/2 inch unfinished background strips.  This is almost all I had of that fabric, Woo Hoo.  One down, a jillion to go.  I put the block "on point" with the addition of the Burgundy Rose fabric. 
Even though I have quilted/pieced since 1997 I have never attempted  "On Point" piecing.  Mainly because the patterns never appealed to me.  But when I was playing with these "Glory" blocks this one was side crooked on the table and I thought I really like the way it looks. So with the help of friends I used the following the following formula for putting my block on point:

Finished size / 1.414 + .875 for seam allowance. So, yours would be (15 / 1.414) + .875 = 11.48. Cut a square 11.5 inches and slice on one diagonal. This will give you 2 corner triangles with the grain line running on the outer edges of your top.
Will I continue and use the on point setting else where in the quilt.  That remains to be seen. No plans as yet.
Hopefully this will be a journey with the minimum pitfalls. I know it will have plenty of challenges the first one being I am working with colors with which I am not comfortable .
If you are interested in the BOM this block was presented in the following online group:
A twenty-six month Journey
Dorothy Young, owner, of the yahoo group "A Pocketful of Mysteries" is presenting her Block of the Month quilt series. It began in January 2013, and will continue for the next two years.
The yahoo site for this is:
It is not too late to join in. This block and the other six are at the beginners level. 
So far I have found the construction of the blocks very simple.  I do recommend you start with the first block if you are a beginner.  There are simple techniques you will pick up on the journey. 
 The following, are the blogs I've written each month on my journey through the alphabet.

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gardenquilter said...

This is so cute, clever use of this block.

maggie said...

I really like this block Gloria. Well done.
love maggie