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"R is for RAIL FENCE"
I have used this design before. This quilt I made for my brother.  It's made with blocks which consist of four rails.  It's not the block we are presented for the BOM.  I was pleased when I saw this months block.  The reason why, it gives the appeal of a miniature. 
Miniatures are something you will very rarely see me do.  In fact the only miniature I ever did was a block I designed for a birthday block for an internet friend.  It is 12 1/2 inches square.  This is it on the left, Log cabins, which are my very favorite quilt pattern.
Choosing fabrics for the rail fence was not difficult because when I began this BOM, I choose a light background fabric and a dark fabric.  These were to be constants through the entire exercise. 
Then I pulled fabrics which complimented the ones I chose.  I wanted to get rid of the paisleys in my stash.
When I gathered the paisleys, I found I had several families of colors.  Some of them did not play nice with the constants I chose.  I decided I would make two blocks each month and try to use up more of these itinerant fabrics.
Why do I call them itinerant?  Because previously, all I did was move them around, from place to place in the stash, trying to find a home for them in a project.  They didn't seem to fit and I never found an appropriate project.  Some of my paisleys go all the way back to the 50's.  I am sure some will recognize them. 
The problems with using fabrics manufactured in different Eras is they are of different weights and thicknesses.  When you are working with them you need to compensate for "stretchability".  Which is a bad thing.  Some of the older fabrics are thin and loosely woven.  You have to treat them as if you were sewing on the bias.  They shred horrendously.  You have to be careful handling them.   The difference in the fabrics may not show in the end product but you have to realize it will after they have been used.  The lighter weight fabrics will wear out faster.  If your quilt is to last a lifetime you'll want to make sure your fabrics feel approximately the same.  In the photo on the left, the blue rail is of a very soft cotton, It feels like a batiste. The other two paisleys are just shy of being a decorator weight cotton.  In construction I have to be careful with the blue, I don't want to stretch it out or let feed dogs pull it.
 The past two months, working on the BOM, were difficult.  The last time I saw my Mom I showed her the blocks I completed through March.  She had never heard of doing a BOM and she was fascinated.

Today, sorting my blocks and putting them into alphabetical order,  I came upon the one which thrilled her.  It was "The Lady of the Lake"  She loved the pattern and the color.  It was one of the first, where I hadn't used my two constants.  I only used the background constant. I did use a fabric I had used in other blocks.  It is the purple in the block on the left.  The fabrics in the block on the left are all from different periods and different manufactures.


I have to say I'm really enjoying the challenge of making these fabrics play nice with each other. I feel I am learning things I didn't know I knew.

I am also developing a new appreciation for fabrics I thought I didn't like and colors I thought I detested.

I do have a huge problem.  The fabrics I chose to make my Friend's blocks with, I am loving.  Using them is a pure delight.  It is proving, if you use fabrics you love you will love what you make.  I hope she likes them as much as I have enjoyed making them.

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