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Basic with 1/2 row added.
If this is the first time you've seen this mystery, it is designed with the beginner in mind.  It is easy to construct.  The directions will 
lead you to the finish.  If you can sew a straight 1/4 inch seam you should  be able to complete this top.
This mystery designed for the "Piecemakers Quilt Guild".
The above top is the basic quilt with a 1/2 block row added to each side before the basic borders.  The reason for the half block is because I ran out of background fabric and wanted to make the quilt as large as possible.  I had enough fabric for 1/2 of a block.  You will notice the inner border is a different fabric than the "C" fabric suggested. I didn't have a fabric which not only added a WOW punch but which was homogenous with the quilt.    All my tops were made from my stash.

Reversed Color options
 The top on the left isn't following the suggestions in the instructions for fabric choices. It is made with a dark background focus fabric.  The "D" and "E" fabrics are reversed color values.  I did choose a "C" fabric for the inner border, which had not been used in the construction of the top.

Quilt top from sample units larger version
The top on the left is made with the samples I used to illustrate the making of this mystery
I ran out of back ground, but I wanted a different size.  I had made it in the larger version before borders and I wanted to make it even larger but I ran out of background. 
I only had enough fabric to make two Half-block rows for each side.  This is where I realized this quilt could be made rectangular at any point without hurting the design.

I did not use the "C" fabric for the inner border.  I picked the "D" fabric to use.  If you look back to the intro I had picked a gorgeous deep chocolate brown for my "C" fabric.  I was sure that would be the best choice.  When I auditioned the fabrics it was stunning.  When I completed the top and re-auditioned it around the edge, it didn't work.  I grabbed the "D" fabric.  Voila! the perfect inner border fabric.
The quilt on the left uses the large quilt directions with the basic border.  I learned what color/fabric does.  The periwinkle fabric was the perfect match for the roses.  I did not take into account the sheen on the fabric.  It is also a checked fabric which amplifies the effect of the sheen.  It is very in your face in real life!

This quilt on the left is the largest of the five I made.  I used all the instructions for the basic quilt , the larger version, and the "My borders".  I have not added the basic borders.  The "my borders" give you a large expanse for fancy quilting in the corners.  You will notice the 5 inch squares are the D fabric.  I had miss cut a stack of these and wanted to use them 

Mary M Zany Quilt
 The quilt on the left is my cohort's.  She knew the pattern and took liberties with some of the color arrangements.  It is a lovely late summer harvest quilt.  In the intro to the mystery her fabrics for this quilt are named "the Zany fabrics"

This quilt is the basic quilt and basic border.

Mary M Country Garden

She made the larger version with the basic borders.  She used an English Country garden color theme.  Her E and Fabrics are close in value so this gave a softer effect to the quilt.

 The following links will lead you to solving, what now is not a mystery, because you have seen the finished top.
(Don't forget to scroll down for more quilt pictures.)

The pictures are of finished quilt tops (there will be some eager participants who came to guild with their tops already into quilts).  There are two categories of pictures.  Pictures of guild quilts and pictures by online participants. 


PAT'S: Notice how she took all her units and created her own design.  She hasn't added borders yet, but in my opinion she doesn't need them

I'm missing names to go with the following quilts.  Hopefully someone will step forward and take credit for their hard work.  I will add the names as they become available.

This one I call "Monochromatic Extravaganza".  It contains all the instructions I provided (not including the basic borders).  It is a statement maker.

Pictures just don't the personality in these quilts.  The maker used her own interpretation in the larger version.  She made the basic width border but used a tiny sliver of an inner border.  the picture on this end appears to be bluer than it is. The quilt is very purple.  I call it "Purple Majesty" because of the opulent look it has.

I call this one "Paisley Profusion" the flowers remind me of a paisley print.  She used the large quilt version on the ends and added side borders to change the shape and size of her quilt.

I was very thrill people took the initiative to make the quilt their own adding their personality.


Her quilt is a basic top She also used the B fabric in place of a different colored fabric.  This is a fun looking quilt with a circus atmosphere.  I have Nick named this one, "the Big Top"
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