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A mystery quilt in 5-6 installments (6 if you do the larger quilt)
Finished small Quilt 57” sq. with borders
Small quilt without borders 45 ½” sq.
Larger quilt, 64 ½” sq. without borders)
Thank you for participating in this mystery. I hope it will be fun, easy, and educational.  Beginners should be comfortable working on it.  Quilting Newbie’s may need a little help.  If you understand how to sew a quarter inch, and a scant quarter inch you should do fine. 
If you have just found this clue and need the introduction to this mystery you can find it here:
Introduction:  http://gloriouscreations.blogspot.com/2013/07/a-mystery-in-making.html

Clue 1:  http://gloriouscreations.blogspot.com/2013/10/a-mystery-in-making-clue-1.html

Clue 2: http://gloriouscreations.blogspot.com/2013/11/a-mystery-in-making-clue-2.html
I hope during Holiday vacation we haven't lost anyone.  I thought I would enjoy having the month away.  Nope, I missed having the deadline.  Even with the chaos of the season I felt something was missing.  I hope your New year has been exemplary.
Without further ado here is your third clue.   

From Focus Fabric “F” cut:
                  (2) 5.5” X WOF strips; cut into (12) 5.5” squares
                  (2) 10” squares; cut squares in half, diagonally
(making 4 triangles.)    Label and save for Clue # 4

1.  On the wrong side of (12) Fabric “E”, 5.5” squares, draw a line diagonally with pencil.  If your fabric is very dark use a light colored, colored pencil.
 (Use twelve of the 5.5 inch “E” squares you cut in Clue 2). 
2.  Layer a 5.5” marked Fabric “E” square,  Right Sides Together, with a 5.5” Fabric F square.  Sew a scant 1/4” on either side of the Diagonal line.  Cut apart on pencil line. HINT: Before cutting, press the seam, setting the stitches.


3.  You  now have 24 half square units.  Press them open to the dark side.  Remember to press with the straight of the grain.  (Not the direction of the seam.  The seam is on the bias and you can distort your unit.)
Left is the trimmed and squared "Half Square" Unit
4.  Square up your units if needed to 5”.

  These next steps require an accurate 1/4 inch seam .
5. Using 3 of the “Half Square” units and one 5“ Fabric ”A” squares (the ones you cut in clue #1).  Yes, they were labeled 2 and 4.  It should have been 3 and 4].   Construct the 4 patch unit on the right.
Use Accurate 1/4 inch seams when joining these units.

6.  When you join your half squares press the seam to the left. 
IMPORTANT: Be aware of the direction of the “Half Square” Units in relationship to each other.  
7.  When you join the half square with the focus fabric watch the direction you place the 1/2 square.  Press your seam to the right. 
Pressing the seams these directions allows the seams to nest when you join the two sections together and you  will have a perfect intersection.

When you join the above two units to form your four patch unit, before you press the seams on the back  of the 4 patch, clip two  stitches at the intersection.  When you press  it open It should look like the example on the left.  This relieves the bulk in the middle of the block which results from  seams pressed one direction.
 You will have [8] 4 patch units. Label, Clue three, and save for later.

Check back for Clue #4
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