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I belong to the "Piecemakers" guild  located in St. Clair, Missouri.  It is a small town about 45 minutes west of St. Louis.  We are a nice size guild of about 120 members. (Each meeting we have 80+ members attend.)  We meet on the third Wednesday of each month, unless weather doesn't permit. Our members come from as far away as southwest Missouri and downtown St. Louis.

 Meetings begin in the morning with a brunch hosted by 7-8 members. We progress to the business meeting and then to the program.  There is always an inspiring show-n-tell after the program.  Dismissal is usually right before lunch, when, after meeting programs begin.  There is a monthly Dear Jane group.  This past month we had a class on how to use felted wool in a project presented by a very talented member.  

The guild has challenges which I eagerly look forward to.  Some are more difficult than others and most are out of my comfort zone.  I have blogged previously about other challenges I have participated in.  Those blogs are located under the label on the right of this page, "Quilt: Challenge".

This challenge was in the out of the box category for me.  I had no idea what I was going to do, much less an inspiration what to do.  I am glad I went the extra mile and made myself meet the deadline.

The rules of this challenge were:   It had to fit the theme of "Out on a limb".  It had to be 16" X 20"
It was Due at the March Meeting quilted and bound.  You had to place your limb in the exact place it was on the pattern.  You had to use the time and season specified on the pattern.

Here are our challenges:

SPRING MORNING                                                           SPRING NOON                                                  SPRING NIGHT

  SUMMER MORNING                                                 SUMMER NOON                                              SUMMER NIGHT

              FALL MORNING                                           FALL NOON                                               FALL NIGHT

                     WINTER MORNING                       WINTER NOON                             WINTER NIGHT
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