Saturday, March 14, 2015


Baking with Baba,  I don't remember the pictures being taken but I do remember the occasion.  We recently purchased a film and slide scanner.  The negatives were in an envelope.  I am so glad we rescued them before they became degraded.  

I wish we had had a digital camera back then.  

We would've known the pictures weren't in focus and could have retaken them.  

Who could have imagined one so small could be so attentive.  These pictures were taken in October 2003.  Our grandson  was born in February 2001.  He was 20 months old when these photos were taken.  Children are never too young to help in the kitchen

He was asking me if he was doing it right.  I was telling him to push and squish it, not roll it in a ball. The trusting eyes with the questioning look.

Where have those times gone?
Now they are replaced with eyes which are filled with googling not goggling.

The pleasure and satisfaction he had, is showing in his posture.  

The recipe we used is on this blog:

This job takes all my concentration.

It really takes a strong man to use a rolling pin.  Baba helped me make Cinnamon rolls too.  We used the same dough for them.
Cinnamon roll Tutorial

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope my explanations were clear. 
If you have any questions about baking please write.  
Baking is a fun and relaxing endeavor.

Our grandchildren live in Tampa and San Diego, How many precious memories have we missed?

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