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It is said not to read the end of the book before you read the beginning.  I hope that isn't the case with previewing the final product.  The recipe follows:

This recipe began with the making of  "Challah".  Any Challah or sweet yeast dough will work but for this  we are using the reserved 2 balls of dough from the Challah made easy blog:

Everything is the same up to the picture, titled "divided and weighed"
The pans you use should be a tube pan at least 10 inches in diameter.  I did not realize until I was well into to making the rolls that I had pulled out the smaller bundt pans. 



You need two bowls which hold at least a cup and a half of sugar each.  In each bowl put a cup of sugar and 1 TBS of cinnamon.  Stir each thoroughly till there is no white sugar visible. Set aside.

Take your two balls of dough, make sure you  have enough counter surface to roll them out at the same time.  Rolling them out at the same time gets them in the oven at the same time. If you don't have a rolling pin, find a bottle, glass or a jar with straight sides and use it.  You can also also push the dough out with your fingers like people do pizza dough.   You want to roll out two rectangles.  I do about 12 inches X 15 inches  I want the dough about 1/2 inch thick or less.  As you're rolling the dough out be sure to lift it from the surface  a couple of times to un-stick it. (If it's very sticky sprinkle a little flour but  not much you don't want to make your dough heavy.)

When I lift it and put it back down it sometimes wants to draw up or get askew ed. 
Just stretch it out and square it up and then roll some more. 
When you get it to the size you want, spread a stick of butter over each one. 
This is the rectangles rolled out and covered with a stick of butter each.

Now sprinkle each rectangle with its sugar/cinnamon bowl.  It will be heavy.  Don't worry about spilling over the edge, you will pick it up and use it later.
Now you can begin rolling them up. (Do each step in parallel so they end up finished at the same time)

After rolling up you cut each roll into 6 rolls.
I used the sharpest wide bladed knife I have. 
Do not use a serrated edge you will tear your dough. 
Use a small metal spatula (pancake turner) to slide under each one and guide it into the bundt pan. 
You have to hold the sides securely when lowering it down, when you pick it up off the spatula to keep it from unrolling. 

These are the rolls sliced and in the pans.  See the two rolls off to the side.  Because I had the smaller pans I couldn't squeeze them in.  I quickly grabbed one of my mini loaf pans and sprayed it with cooking spray and put them in the pan.
The sugary look on the top of the rolls; I scraped up the spilled sugar from each roll and sprinkled it of the rolls it belonged to after the were put in the pan.

Now use you cooking spray... yes there is a time to use it.  Spray a  length of plastic wrap with it for each pan of rolls.  Cover them with the greasy side down.  This prevents them from sticking to the wrap when the rise. It also keeps the dough from drying out.  Set aside in a warm place to rise.  How long?  Good question.  It will be how warm the area is that decides it (make sure it is not a hot area... it will kill the growth of the yeast.)   80 degrees or less is optimum. I should think less than an hour.  Your rolls should look like this..doubled in size.

This is what they look like when  ready for the oven.

Place in the oven at 375 degrees and cook 25 minutes.  If they still look a little juicy or soggy in their seams give them 5 minutes more.  (I turn the oven off when I do this, I don't want to burn the rolls just to get them done.)

This is just out of the oven before they are turned out.  You need to move quickly at this point.  You need to have 2 platters with edges just in case there is a lot of sugar syrup juices running out.  If you don't have edges use a plate that is slightly concave and is larger by at least two inches than the diameter of the rolls.

  Place a platter on the top and flip it over just like you take a cake out of the pan.  Pull the pan up slowly trying to get all the juices to stay on the rolls not the bottom of the pan.  I have a rubber spatula handy to help.  With these I didn't need it.  BTW.. something I have observed when I have made them.  If my bundt pans are two different colors the resulting rolls will brown differently and look different when you turn them out.  You can make these in a square and rectangle pan too.  They will not be as high.  If you use a square pan arrange them with spaces between them so they  can spread out instead of up.  BTW...the little pan that I sprayed with pam..it stuck so bad I couldn't get them out I had to cut them out.

Cool on racks...They are dangerous to eat just out of the oven!  It's one of those things you can't eat just one.

These rolls are not like sticky rolls.  They are soft and light and you can pull them apart, eating them while dunking in a glass of milk.  I don't put icing on them because there is so much sugar on them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  BTW, your fingers do get sticky while eating them.

Any questions please email.

We are ending the blog the way we began it, with our final product.
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