Monday, April 20, 2015


Every month I have scraps, all kinds, all shapes and sizes. Most of my scraps of a considerable size are cut into squares and rectangles.  

When cut to size, I am left with little odd shaped pieces too tiny to piece which are pushed off onto the floor to be vacuumed up later, or swept up to use as fire starters which are soaked with melted wax.  

I am a huge endorser of "Thread Savers" and  Bonnie Hunter's "Leaders and Enders".   I have always hated throwing away the little pieces which don't make it into my perimeters of 1 1/2" squares or larger. I am not a person who would use "Snippets" or make a project of them.

The other day while working on my blocks for the BOM for guild I had lots of odd shaped pieces.  Some of considerable size and some tiny.  I also had some leader and ender blocks which I wasn't pleased with because I had done them quickly and not watched what fabrics went where and had not nested my seams correctly.  I knew they would end up in a pitch pile because I would not take the time to deconstruct them to re construct them.  

I  was cleaning the floor and thought if these were a little larger they would make pieces for a crazy quilt block. The "light"went on.  I could foundation piece these little pieces.  I had recently found a roll of very thin brown paper in my stash.  It is less than the thickness of newspaper.  It is twelve inches wide.  So I cut blocks out of it which were 6" square.  It was the perfect size for me to deal with.  Instead of leaders and enders I was "Trash" sewing and ended up with the above 
"trashy blocks" made completely from trash.

I will call this quilt top when completed:

The following blog is about a quilt I designed and made using "Leaders and enders"

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