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 New Added March 23, 2013
What can you do with a square-n-a-square block?  After I wrote the two tutorials on the techniques I wondered what is everyone doing with the samples. My thoughts required me to make a couple more samples.  The block I made from the samples ended up 12 1/2 inches square.  I made the samples with scraps I had laying around.  I wondered how it would work if I planned a project for the scraps.  I went to the fabric closet, no color way on my mind.  There, laying on top of a shelf, was shamrock fabric.  St. Patricks day was coming up.  I thought, I'll make a table runner, a surprise gift for a friend.  I'll have time to get it finished and in the mail.  I finished the runner and sandwiched it. Then prepared the machine with the walking foot.
Using the samples from these tutorials I made the above block.
Before I quilt anything I make a small test sandwich of the fabrics I am using.  I test it on the machine to check the tensions and stitch length.  On the first run through, the walking foot had plastic fatigue.  I thought no big deal I'll just have Hunny pick a new one up.  The next day I let my fingers do the walking and didn't find a shop with a generic one for my Janome (the Janome rep is way out of the way).  It took 3 days before I found a shop with one.  By that time it was too late to finish the runner and get it in the mail.  It will still be a surprise but she will have to wait a year to use it. 
This is the table runner I designed using only Square in a Square blocks.
(Not finished yet but you get the idea).  I'll post a finished picture when it's done. 
I had to post, I couldn't wait to show you.
 The shiny objects are the pins for the sandwich.
March 23:  I forgot to mention;  There are (12) 1/2 square triangles which are 2 1/2 inches square from the large "square n a square" block.  I used the method in the "Bonus Block" blog.  No plans yet for them, but I will probably incorporate them in the back.  Probably in the label.
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maggie said...

Dear Gloria,
THAT is one pretty table runner my friend. I love the shamrock fabric. Well done. Wish that we lived closer so that we could sew together.