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My first foray in to the world of KITCHEN QUILTING was the table runner you see on the left.  I didn't know anything about bindings or even that there were patterns available.  I didn't know, if you didn't interface the lame' it would eventually shred in the seam line.  I didn't know there was batting other than polyester.  The only thing I did know was how to do a proper 1/4 inch.  I had found this great border print fabric that looked very festive.  I cut the center panel out with two of the border strips and then log cabin style started adding borders.  You see the only quilt I had started before this was a log cabin.  I had seen Mary Ellen Hopkins on Alex Anderson's show.  It was about her book, "You Can Sit On My Quilt".  Needless the lady hooked me.  I love log cabin quilts and methods.
I had made one other quilt before this.  It was my own design. My only other claim to fame was I considered myself a good seamstress.  I had learned to sew at the age of 3-4 by my mother.  She taught me a running stitch so I could make some doll clothes while she sewed for me.  My first trip to the quilting world came in 1996 when I needed a way to express my feelings to my Mother on the heart attacks she had been through.  Since then she has been the recipient of several quilts along with the rest of the family.  My house is full of fabric and quilts which are just tops and quilts which are not finished.  I do take time to make quick projects which have time schedules to be finished.  Most of those are place mats or runners for presents.  I have learned you do not need to piece a runner to have an effective one.  After all, the dishes and other items do hide most of it.  A table runner is not just a table protector it is a cover that should highlight your dishes.  In my opinion if you have too much design you clutter your table.

My most recent runner which is ready to be quilted is featured on this blog:
This runner is pieced with a design to feature the holiday. It is more for decoration than for a mat to protect a table.  I am sharing my design with you..

Here are two more sets I have made, about 3 years ago:
This is a blog site I haven't used much.  When I do the tutorial for the place mats I will post it here.

This is the Table Runner I made for my Sister in law for this past Thanksgiving.  I displayed it with my dishes before I mailed it to her.  The fabric sets the scene, I didn't need to piece a design to suggest the season or holiday.  I don't know if you can do close up on your end, but the inner border is a plain modeled green (which I also used for the binding) and the outer, larger border is a batik type green on green large onions.  I used a wider binding. I cut the fabric 3 inches and then attached it with a 5/8th seam to the runner.  I wanted it to appear as another border.  I have other kitchen quilts planned.  I want to make some roman shades for the east and west windows.  The sun can be brutal but more than that they are large windows and even with insulated glass the cold comes pouring off of them. 

BLOG EDIT:  Googling on March 28, 2013 I found this site.  It has decorator information on the size to make place mats.  Explaining how to measure your table for the bet fitting size. When you peruse this page at the bottom is a next arrow.  The next two pages have Table Runner and Table cloth measurement informations. 

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Jenn Bachman said...

As always beautiful table runners and beautiful tables..I'd be proud to have you set my table anytime..BG

Look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous table runners..