Friday, November 4, 2011


This last few months the word "time" has been a prominent part of my life. 
 I have written two blogs with "Time" in them:

This will not be the last time "Time" will be featured in my blogs.
I am in the process of making another hand pieced quilt in blue in the pattern of "Treasured Time". 

While on my trip west I had lots of time to think and remembered a poem I wrote July 23, 2001.
I would like to share it with you.


Lost time cannot be replaced,
Time does not stand still,
We can be lost in time,
If we traveled in time.

Messages float around in time,
There is time in a bottle,
Time stands still for no one,
How about, a race for time.

People say, "In due time,
"Time is staring me in the face,"
We are told, "Take your time,"
Or, "I aced it in time."

Things withstand the test of time,
May I have a moment of your time,
A space in time,
I told you time and time again.

It has been a long time,
It is time to rest,
We don't have a lot of time,
Get finished on time.

It is school time,
Where we learn to tell time,
Which is not keeping time,
That is Music time.

All those times,
Are precious times,
At holiday times,
In olden times.

Time after time,
I looked at my Timex for time,
Changing it in each time zone,
Checking the delivery time.

Punching the time clock,
It's show time,
Dancers counting time,
Exhausted, it's bedtime.

Break time is snack time,
Break time is dance time,
It is time for a break,
Make note of the time.

In our quest for time,
We are rushed for time,
Call us for meal time,
It's closing time.

It is summer time,
Lemonade time,
Which is not lemon thyme,
It is time for a drink.

We are always finding time,
Told to make time,
Which is not the same as "making time",
Whew, done in time.

Can you be lost in time,
In a space in time,
Children are disciplined with "Time out",
There is quiet time.

We spend a lot of time,
Mulling over time,
Cursing time,
Telling kids, it's time for bed.

Things are listed in a time line,
Some people waste time,
It was in the nick of time,
We scraped by in time.

I stopped in time,
It was the fastest time,
There is timed response,
In a time lock.

We take a stitch in time,
Please take the time,
Let someone know you have the time,
To spend time with them.

When tragedy strikes there is no time,
We cannot count the time,
We say, we wish we had taken the time,
To tell the person, we value time spent with them.

Please take a moment of your time,
Tell a loved one, you have loved them for all time,
Quiet time is not wasted time,
But time shared.

Thank you for sharing time with me.

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