Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Today is not Mother’s day, but it is my Mother’s day.  Today is her birthday. 
I have a dilemma, she has everything she wants. 

My Mother’s years have been filled with the love of life,
the laughter of the happiness of children,
the hardships and tears everyday living brings,
and the excitement challenges bring.
She raised 6 children, giving us the basic tools to be beneficial adults in society.  
I learned many tidbits I can pull out when needed.  Things books and computers can’t teach you; the things which are only learned in the school of hard knocks.

She gave me the greatest gift of all.  She taught me about love.
I had a wonderful teacher, I found my life’s mate when I was very young.  
I was only 17.  That was 49 years ago.

How do I repay this gift?  There is no way I can. 
I want her to know I admire her determination and will power.
How I am glad she is my mother.

Each of us travels a different road,
Our journeys cost us dearly,
The lessons learned along the way,
Sometimes come late, not early.

We’re the driver of our destiny,
Choosing our own way,
Thank you for the gift you gave to me,
I love you Mom, Happy Birthday.


jagarland said...

Happy Birthday Gloria's Mom. I hope you day is filled with love and happiness.
Joan in Georgia.
A friend of Glo's

maggie said...

Happy Birthday to your mother Gloria, I know that she is wonderful because she gave us wonderful you my friend! I'm glad that your have your mom, I miss mine every day and like you will never forget all I've learned from her. Your poem is just beautiful and a perfect gift in my humble opinion, I'm sure that your mother would agree!
Love maggie