Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It's turned into a cold blustery day.  When I as taking care of the chickens I was subjected to stiff crisp winds from the west.  It's bringing a cold front in which is depositing snow north and west of us in Nebraska and Kansas.  I was wanting soup for lunch but I was out of cabbage and the garlic soup in the refrigerator I had indulged in several times this past week.  What could I have?  I wanted quick and easy and satisfying.  My mind went to an old blog of mine.  It was about tomato soup.

In less than 15 minutes I had my cup of soup in my hands.  I made it with vegetable stock I had made earlier this week.  I used this as my liquid.  It had a plus to using milk.  No calories.  I had considered having a grilled cheese too but after a couple of bites I knew all I wanted was 2 servings of soup.

Have satisfying bowl of soup and a wonderful day.

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