Tuesday, February 8, 2011


About seven years ago we had a small dog dumped at our gate.  She only weighed about 15 pounds and wasn't more than 15 inches high.  We put out a "found" sign even though we did not think she was lost.  We live a mile from the interstate and that night it had poured down rain.  The little dog was clean and smelled like perfume. 

When my husband found her he said he thought she was tied to the gate.  She was so frightened she was plastered to the gate and didn't move.  He brought her up to the house and we had a problem.  We had four dogs already.  We didn't want to introduce her to the family if she was going to be leaving right away.  We decided to keep her in the master bedroom.  That night she inherited the name Honey.  She was so sweet.  She immediately decided our bed was her bed.  Being she was small this wasn't a hindrance to our sleeping. 

Small is another thing.  We had never had a small dog.  All of our dogs have been 60 lbs plus.  This was a whole new experience.  A dog that actually fit on the bed with you.  Our other dogs all wanted to be in the bed but it was like having a hog in the bed.  Honey literally fit right in.  Each day ended with Honey still here.  Our other dogs were scratching at the door to be allowed in. 

After 5 days and no inquiries to our signs we decided that Honey was probably in her new home.  We introduced her to the other "pups".  Hoping they wouldn't eat her.  It took less than 30 minutes to find out there was a new alpha dog in the house.

Honey was at least 3 years old when she adopted us.  She has been with us seven years.  What have we learned about little dogs?  They aren't any different than big dogs except they have little widdlers and have to be let out more often.  What kind of dog is she?  I usually describe her as "Honey, who shrunk the border collie".   She is very smart (when she wants to be).  She doesn't like little kids (she snapped at the grandkids when they were little, a couple of times).  She adores my son and daughter(they are adults..lol). 

Honey has been a very sweet addition to our lives.

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jagarland said...

so sorry for your loss. Honey was appropriately names. she looks adorable.