Monday, January 24, 2011



After the blogs I wrote on "shaggy"quilts,  writing about the one that got me started,
I realized I had to make another trash to treasure. 

Literally this is another Shaggy quilt from rags.  The work shirts I used were in the use for paint clean-up and car washing box.  They were so worn they could not be given to Good Will or worn again.  Now they are re-born again into a quilt.  The next step for them when the quilt gets old and worn is to become
a dog bed and possibly a cover in the garden for frosty nights. 
It will be a while before it is headed to the trash again. 

The shirts yielded buttons for the button box, 8 1/2 inch squares and 6 inch squares (yes there is another trash to treasure in the box.)  Even the pockets were useful. If you look at the top row the squares contain the pockets.  This quilt is to be used in the den for cuddling under it while watching TV.  The pockets can hold the gizmos and tissues and even snacks.

The back was also pulled from the trash box.  
It was a flannel sheet and a flannel  blanket which were torn beyond repair.
The batting inside was poly batting that I knew I never wanted to use again for anything.  It was medium weight not thin.  Only recommendation I can make if you go with medium poly is to use a even feed foot.  It will keep the wrinkles to a minimum.

The original "Shaggy" was made, I think, in 2000. It was made with 6 1/2 inch blocks and a tremendous varieties of battings.  It is still very much a quilt and hasn't made it to the dog bed (although the dog does sleep on it).  It resides every night on our bed. (even through the summer).
This pix was just taken of the original.

As you can see I had no plans for how this would turn out.  I added pairs of rows at a time.  Not a very appealing pattern (I only wanted to find out if I liked making these quilts.)  I really thought the result would end in the dog house.  It makes up for its lack of beauty in its utilitarian self,
providing the most soft comforting covering.

Is there a trash to treasure in your future?
I can't think of a better way to go green or to keep something out of a land fill.

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Anonymous said...

These shaggy quilts look so warm and cosy. I went op-shopping the other day and a single cotton shirt was $6.50! I asked my son to see if his friends will give me their unwanted shirts - he rolled his eyes LOL.

Sheepish said...

A good place to find flannel shirts and flannel things like that is your local thrift shops and garage sales. When Hunny saw me raiding the rag box he rolled his eyes too...and that original rag quilt is his favorite.