Thursday, February 4, 2010


Or should I say I piece and sometimes they get quilted.  This is the story of a UFO.  

Three years ago I decided to raid the stash to make a quilt for my brother.  I had no idea what pattern I would use.  I just knew the colors I needed to look for.  I also knew the pattern I picked needed to blend with a house decorated in the craftsman style (with a modern edge).  This quilt is the size of a large couch throw (appx. 58 X 48)  I found several fabrics that worked well with one another.  There was plentiful yardage in each of the fabrics. 

That is a big problem with using from the stash.  If you pick a pattern that requires a smidgen more than what you have.  I have been known to piece scraps of the fabric that are not big enough to sneeze at to make a 2 inch square to complete a block. 

My brother's home has lots of angular shapes.  I knew a busy pattern wouldn't work.  I also wanted to complete it quickly. the pattern needed to be effective but simple.  The fabrics I pulled were graduated colors of the same type theme.  They were from several manufactuers.  Some of the fabrics had been laying around for 6 years.  The graduated colors had me looking for patterns that would use that to my advantage.  One of the first patterns I came to was the rail fence.  The more I looked I kept coming back to the rail fence.  It is a very easy strip pieced quilt that goes very fast. 

I began the quilt and life got in the way.  It was put in a box and forgotten about.  About 18 months ago I got it back out and finished the center of the quilt.  It went back in the box again.  My internet friend gave me the inspiration to get it out again.  Yesterday I retrieved the quilt and proceeded to pull some border fabrics from the stash and finish the top. 

The above picture is the finished top.  I will need to clean the quilt machine table off before I can quilt it (It has become a depository for magazines, sewing notions, and even yardagages that I haven't washed yet.)  This tells you how long it has been since it has been used. 

The top picture is an enlargement of the corner.  I decided to give the quiltlet a more formal look I would miter the corners. 

The next enlargement  is of the body of the quilt so you could see the fabrics. 

I will post a pix of the finished quilt as soon as I can.  Hopefully very soon.


Paula said...

It's gorgeous! As with everything, you have a way with color!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, the materials just lined themselves