Thursday, February 11, 2010


Tomorrow I take hunny for his colonoscopy.  It is just a base line; he'll be seventy years old this year.  I will need to sit and wait while the procedure is done.  We will arrive at eight AM and the proceedure won't start until nine.  I have no idea how long I will have to wait.  It was nescessary to find something to do.  For me, reading is out of the question in these situations.

I happened to be in a non quilting closet and saw a box I didn't remember what was in it.  When I opened it it was a UFO.  I had cut out the block pieces and even started to assemble one of them.  I was thrilled with the idea of working on it.  Delving deeper in the box I realized the pattern was there (I usually put patterns in the box with my "pigs".  This was a free pattern I had found on the internet. I figured I could go back and find it.  NOT!  I couldn't even remember the site where it had been.   I queeried my internet friends if they remembered it; so far I have had no one respond.  I decided to take the already cut out pieces and scan them.  It worked.  I have now made my templates so I can make more blocks.  right now I only have 7 blocks cut out.  To make a nice wall hanging I need at least 8 possibly 10.  It will be acording to how I decide to lay out the blocks and what I pick for a center block and the borders.

The applique on these blocks is to be needle turn. 

The picture at the beginning of the blog is the block I started  3 years ago.  As I work on each block I will post it. 

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