Saturday, January 16, 2010


As I was leaving, Spirits new home, I told the new owners if they had any questions please call and added if she didn't work out well please call us we would pick her up.  I really didn't think the pick up option would happen or I wouldn't have left her. 

Sometimes my faith in humans is destroyed, sometimes I am upset with myself for misjudging the situation; both had happened this time.   This morning Spirit's new home called for us to pick her up.  They said "Halloween" just wouldn't calm down and leave her alone.  I thanked her for calling and told her I'd be right over to pick her up. 

When I arrived I was shocked.  There wasn't just one cat there that was 8 months old.  There were 3 male cats, all black, all un-nuetered.  The others were Cats not kittens.  The lady had lied by ommision. I would have never left a 5 month old little girl there. 

I picked Spirit up.  She was shaking and then all of a sudden she realized who I was and I received a love rub and she started purring.  Matilda was truly sad to see her go.  Thank goodness she realized she had a situation that wouldn't get any better with time.

When I returned home with Spirit I took her to the bath room and rubbed her down with a wet wash cloth.  I did this for two reasons.  Evidently they smoked.  She reaked of cigaretts and Hunny is allergic to black cats.  No joke, every black cat he has been around causes immediate sneezing, swelling of his eyes and severe itching.

Spirit is in Hunny's Den now.  She is exploring and getting to know where every nook and cranny is.  Tonight we will introduce her to the dog again.  I tried when I got home but she was still so hyper from her experiences the last few days she thought the dog sniffing her was going to kill her. 

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