Tuesday, October 23, 2018


My Mystery Medallion Challenge Block One is completed.  I would like to say it was a breeze.  It should have been but my fears...and stubbornness lead me to having to recut pieces from the limited amount of fabric I have..

I am terrified of bias edges, I have made flying geese one way my whole quilting life....that is using a square on the rectangle. In the process I get to harvest 1/2 square units. 
Toby's instructions tell you to take these wonderful 8 3/4" squares and diagonally slice them ...not once but twice...to me that was sacreligious....I stopped reading and cut my rectangles the correct size with the squares the correct size, and proceeded to piece the flying geese.  These are the pinwheels I harvested from not following the instructions. 

Toby does say in the directions at the beginning of this mystery, "read the instructions all the way through before beginning".  No disrespect to Toby, I just had my mind set that I was going to get by without sewing bias edges...and be able to harvest my 1/2 squares..Talk about bull headedness!

When I continued piecing the rest of the geese..I discovered it was a necessity to cut those 8"squares and struggle through the bias edges.  Toby designed the piecing so the bias edges didn't end up on the outside edge of the unit.  Sewing the bias edge on the side of the geese was not difficult.  I made sure I placed the bias piece on top of the nice stable piece.  Then I made sure the pressure on the presser foot was set on low so the seam was not stretched out of shape.  I am no longer biased against sewing on the bias.

Thanks Toby for this very fun "free" adventure.  Thank you for making me indure a part of piecing till I was no longer afraid of it.

BTW Toby....paper piecing is still torture for me.  
Everyone...Toby has a paper piecing way she says is foolproof...Hmmm.........wonder if it is Gloria proof?

Looking forward to this Friday!!! Second clue!!

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