Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Taking a deep breath, 
Letting out a sigh,
I finished, it's not a UFO,
Oh my, Oh my.

I need to tell you the end of the story before you know what happened in between. I made it to the finish line, which was a challenge in itself.  

With our children visiting, and beginning the challenge when it was already more than half over (remember I wasn't going to join this challenge).  I only joined because the hostess broke her foot and extended the finishing date.  I presumed that translated into me being able to stretch my time too.

Today a friend discussed in an email how she wished she didn't start new projects and could get some of her UFOs finished.  I replied, slap my hands and teach me to say no.  I don't seem to be able to resist a new appealing project.  Especially when it is a "Challenge".  What do I have to prove, nothing.  I am hoping with each challenge I increase my knowledge of the art of quilting.  I have written two blogs on this challenge.  If you haven't seen the blogs, here are the links:

Introductory Blog about this challenge and other challenges I have participated in:

Short blog on my beginning the challenge:

Today's blog is to show what we accomplished with basic fabrics (we means, the participants in the challenge).  Using fabrics which were not fancy and had no pzazz on their own.  If they were on a table you wouldn't walk by and have to fondle them.  They wouldn't jump out with their beautiful designs begging to be touched.  They are solids.  They are supporting actors, not what you would call major players.  These fabrics in the hands of four quilters became show offs, literally shouting, "Look, I'm important, aren't I beautiful!"

The colors spoke to us in a patriotic vein.  We have sons, daughters and relatives in the Armed Services.  This showed in how we decided to interpret the fabrics.  Remember, Toby never said we had to use some of each fabric.  We could have made a quilt with only white and another color in the collection.  The only rule was to use the fabrics in the collection.

"MADE IN AMERICA"  This wall hanging is the epitome of the phrase.  She not only made the wall hanging but it is made with American produced fabric.   Close-up showing her Red Work skills.

HARVEST TABLE RUNNER 60" X 24" (Wonderful for celebrating the 4th of July)
I recommend you challenge yourself to a project you think you will have no interest in.  You'll never know what journey it will lead you on.  What great adventure you might have going into uncharted territories.  That said,  I signed up for another Challenge at guild  today.  It may be a step into "never never land", the lure of a fantasy trip in my future.

I participated in an on-line Challenge in a yahoo group I belong to.  It was a lot of fun and let free some of my inner child.  This is the link to that blog:

I will be posting a blog about my inspiration for the "Liberty Fabrics" and how I constructed it.  It will contain information about what I learned and what I wish I knew.

Thank you Toby for presenting us the opportunity to get to know these fabrics.

Visit Toby Lischko's on line shop.  She has great patterns of her own design.

Toby's blog:  She has on-line giveaways of great fabrics.

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