Thursday, December 27, 2012


Doing Step five of this mystery kept me smiling.  Why? Because every time I thought "Number Five" I thought of one of my favorite movies, "Short Circuit".  The Star, the robot is called #Five.

Due to extenuating circumstances I wasn't able to finish this step till today.  Bonnie stated we weren't going to have anymore "Flying Geese". When I completed the first unit I looked at it and said if you aren't a "Flying Geese", you must be a "Sitting Duck"
(because of the fat derrier).  

I am still not comfortable with my choice of fabrics for this quilt. 

I used the Brown/Gold as a substitute for Bonnies Aqua.  I used 5 strips plus 14 inches LOF to make my 64 squares which were 3.5 inches.

My purple substitute is the Paisley.  I used 6 strips plus another 4 inch piece for the 128 two inch squares.

This is my unit.

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Anonymous said...

Your sitting ducks are looking great. I'm hoping we start making bigger blocks this week and we can see how our colours work with each other.

Tami C said...

Oh! I love that that movie too! I agree with you about the fat derrier... definitely a Sitting Duck and I think your Sitting Duck looks lovely!

Sheepish said...

Thank you Tammy and Sandra, I can't wait to see how it's going to come together...since I am doing totally different is really adding to the mystery for me.